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About Big Cats

About Big Cats

Big Cat Photo Gallery

Fantastic photos and pictures of big cats in their environment and habitats. Click the thumbnail to see a larger version of the selected big cat photos.

Big Cat

Spotted Big Cat

Black Panther in Tree

Black Panther

Black Panther Feeding

Black Panther Resting in Sun

Growling Black Panther

Black Panther Cat

Creeping Bobcat



Bobcat in Snow

Bobcat in Habitat

Bobcat in Tree


Cheetah Face

Racing Cheetah

Tall Cheetah

Cheetah on Lookout

Cheetah Family

Racing Cheetah

Cheetah Trio


Mountain Lion

Puma Cat

Puma in Snow

Cougar Cat

Puma Reflections

Mountain Lion by River

Jaguar Prowling

Jaguar Face

Jaguar Pattern

Jaguar in Tree

Jaguar Climbing a Tree

Jaguar Habitat

Leopard Stalking

Face of a Leopard

Leopard Jumping

Leopard Hanging Out

Leopard Prowling

Sleeping Leopard

Leopard Face

Leopard in River

Lynx Pair

Lynx on Cliff

Lynx Kitten

Lynx Cat

Long Eared Lynx


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