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Lynx are medium-sized wildcats.

Lynx Classification:

Phylum: Chordata
Class: Mammalia
Order: Carnivora
Family: Felidae
Genus: Lynx

Habitat: Lynx typically inhabit mountains, dense forests, areas with dense cover of shrubs, or tall grass.


Eurasian Lynx - Western Europe to Northern Asia and the Middle East
Iberian Lynx - Spain and Portugal
Canadian Lynx - North America
Bobcat - North America

Lynx Species: Their are four recognized living species of the Lynx.

Lynx Species

Eurasian Lynx -
Lynx Lynx
Canada Lynx
- Lynx Canadensis
Iberian Lynx (aka Spanish Lynx)
- Lynx Pardinus
- Lynx Rufus

Size: The smallest lynx species is the Bobcat, while the largest is the Eurasian Lynx. All lynx species measure between 28-51 inches long and stand 19-28 inches when measured at their shoulder. The lynx weigh 18-66 lbs.

Conservation Status / Population: The Iberian Lynx is the rarest of all lynx species, and is classified as critically endangered.

Other Names for Lynx:

Lynx in Foreign Languages

Catalan: Linx
Croatian: Ris
Czech: Rys
Danish: Los
Dutch: Lynx
Esperanto: Linko
Estonian: Ilves
Finnish: Ilves
French: Lynx
Gaelic: Lioncs
German: Luchs
Hungarian: Hiuz
Icelandic: Gaupa
Irish: Lincse
Italian: Lince
Japanese: Yamaneko
Korean: Seurasoni
Latin: Lynx
Latvian: Lusis
Lithuanian: Lušis
Mongolian: šilüüs
Navajo: Nashdoi Libahigii
Norwegian: Gaupe
Polish: Rys
Portuguese: Lince
Romanian: Linx
Sardinian: Linci / Lintze
Sicilian: Linci
Slovakian: Rys
Slovenian: Ris
Spanish: Lince
Swahili: Linksi
Swedish: Lo / Lodjur
Turkish: Vasak
Ukrainian: Rys’
Venetian: Lenze
Welsh: Lyncs
West Frisian: Lynks

Diet: Lynx stalk and ambush their prey. They eat small mammals and rodents including: pigs, beavers, rabbits, deer and some birds.

Description: Lynx have short tails and characteristic tufts of black hair on the tips of their ears.

Behavior: Lynx are typically solitary, but on occassion small groups of lynx may travel and hunt together.

Birth: Lynx typically give birth to 2 to 4 kittens. Lynx kittens weigh 4.5 to 15 ounces at birth.

Did You Know?
Siberian Lynx are a sub-species of the Eurasian Lynx and is the largest of all the lynx.

Gestation: Lynx carry their young for 63 to 74 days, depending on the species.

Cubs: Lynx kittens will nurse for four to five months and remain with their mother for the first year of their life.

Did You Know?
While the Persian lynx or African lynx, and swamp lynx, have lynx in their name they are not actually classified as part of the lynx family.

Sexual Maturity: Female lynx are sexually mature at 2 years of age. Male lynx are sexually mature around the age of 2.5.

Life Span: Lynx live until about the age of 12 in the wild and up to the age of 21 in captivity.


Conservation Status:

Population Status:
Lynx Photo

Lynx Picture

Lynx Kitten

Lynx Image

Stalking Lynx

Pair of Lynx

Pouncing Lynx


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